Anna’s gaze automatically glanced up when the door opened.  Eric Redsholm stepped into the café, took off his
sunglasses and stood there for a moment.  He was overwhelmingly handsome in person.  She couldn't help doing a
once over while he stood inside the door.

He was wearing an open cobalt blue, button down shirt with a close fitting, crisp white t-shirt underneath that was
tucked into a pair of tight, low-rise, boot-cut jeans.  Brown cowboy boots peaked out of the pant legs.  Despite his
painfully good looks, she was disappointed that Devlin thought she needed help.

Oh double damn.  The cavalry is here.  

Anna had assumed he would come to her home, not track her down in public and she didn't want anyone to know she
had someone helping her - especially her would-be kidnappers.  She had to think of something and fast.  Something
besides how much more gorgeous he was than his picture.  

Eric waited inside the door for a moment to let his eyes adjust to the interior lighting and tried to remove the perpetual
frown he hadn't been able to wipe off his face for the past few days.  It seemed like the more he thought of this
assignment the unhappier he became.

It felt like this babysitting assignment was a step down, but maybe I.S.I.S. was putting him through this test so he
could prove he was worthy of more important missions.  He would guard this lady until the job was done so no fault
could be found in his work, but that didn't mean he had to like it.  No matter how hot she was.  

He began scanning the room for Anna when he heard a woman’s voice calling to someone in his direction.

“Honey, here I am!”  

Eric’s head involuntarily turned in the direction of the silky voice and found that it was attached to Anna Mertz.  
Although they had never met, she appeared to be speaking to him.  

Don’t be stupid!  Of course she’s not speaking to me.  

He turned around to see who she was actually talking to, but there wasn't anyone behind him.  He opened his mouth
to ask her why the hell she was calling him honey when he saw an almost imperceptible shake of her head.

“Eric, sweetheart.  I’m right here.”

With that, she stood up and came over to him, grabbed the front of his collar, rose up on her tip toes and kissed him
on the mouth.  For a total of two seconds he was stunned, but upon reassessment of the situation he came across a
few facts.

Hot woman.  Sexy bee-stung lips.  Me happy!

Eric’s arms came around her as his body heated up.  He widened his stance so she was more in the cradle of his legs
and she could feel the hardness of his immediate erection.  Anna’s arms left his shirt and wound around his neck as
she let out a soft moan for his ears only.

For the moment, Eric completely forgot where they were or what he’d been doing before the kiss.  He wasn't thinking
he hadn't wanted come here or that his skills were wasted on a mission like this; all he could remember to do was
breathe air in and out of his lungs and kiss her.

That is until he heard what must have been an uncomfortable cough from someone else in the shop!  “Ah hem!”

They broke apart and tried to gain some composure.  Eric felt a little dazed at best.

“Are you ready to go sweetheart?”  Eric wasn't slow on the uptake.  Well it was taking him a minute to school in the
desire that had taken his body by storm at the first touch of those incredible lips, the feel of her soft, round breasts
pressed against his chest.  Not to mention the feel of her thighs inside the cocoon of his own.  He was usually
attracted to petite woman, but there was something about this amazon that excited him.  She was only a few inches
shorter than his six feet two inch frame.

“Yes I am, but can you take me home first?  I've got to pick something up before we go to the movie.”

“What ever you say, baby.”  She smiled sweetly at that and handed him her backpack.

Eric wasn't quite sure why she’d given him such a welcome, but one thing was for sure.  He would pretty much take
her to the ends of the earth if it meant she was going to finish what she'd started.  Maybe this assignment wasn't
going to be such a bore after all.

He carried her heavy backpack on one shoulder and held her hand as they walked out of the coffee shop toward his
car.  He opened the car door for her, deposited her into the passenger seat, got in behind the wheel and pulled away
from the curb.

It was a good thing he was on auto-pilot, because the only brain he was able to use right now was between his legs.  
His shaft was throbbing out of control from their encounter and they had only shared one kiss.  What would it feel
like to make love to her all night?  He knew one thing for sure; he’d like to find out soon.

“What the hell was that all about?”

“What are you talking about?”

“You practically attacked me back there!”  Her mesmerizing green eyes were shooting him daggers.

“Uhhhh excuse me, you kissed me first.”

This is not the conversation I want to have!

“I’m pretty sure those men who want to kidnap me were waiting for me to leave and I was simply trying to get us out
of there in one piece.  Plus I didn't want them to know you’re a professional.  I wasn't inviting you to…you shouldn't
have, well…you kissed me back!”

“Forgive me, but when a beautiful woman sticks her hot tongue down my throat and throws herself into my arms for
whatever reason, I just like to get on board.  I didn't know what it was about, but I didn't care much either.”

“Okay, so you were ‘on board’, but you didn't have to, uh…to…enjoy the ride so much.”

“Again, not much I can do about that.  Any man would have to be dead or gay not to get excited about a woman like