If you've got something to say, contact me here or
call 612.643.3517.

PLEASE NOTE:  This building is locked after
normal business hours and weekends.  Call
your therapist directly if you have the
number, or call us at 612.643.3517 when
you arrive and we will run down and let you

Another thing of importance to note is
that we love new clients, but we are
thankfully busy, fairly well sought after
therapists due to our good work.  We
just ask that all our eager voucher
holders be patient and just get on the
books.  All of us independent therapists
who work from my space (Gentle
Illumination) are happy to accept all
vouchers after the expiration date for
the full promotional value.

Lastly, we do not currently offer couples
Gentle Illumination - 2010 East Hennepin Ave,
Bldg 5, Minneapolis, MN 55413