A little more about me?  I am a wonderful person (tee he) and although I have had some really awful things happen to me I still have a
cup-half-full view on life most of the time.  I think part of it I was born with, but I spend a bit of time each day wondering how I can make
myself and my life better and I don't mind striving to get there.

I was born in mid February, so that makes me an Aquarius.  I guess that means I think I'm right all the time.  (Aren't I?)  The good news
about me is that although I like the way I do things if someone wants to do things they're way, that's fine.  I don't mind learning new
things and I'm pretty easy going, but I also need to get things done efficiently.

I am a certificated
Reiki Master/Teacher and in December of 2005, I finished my Aromatherapy Certification with the American College
of Herbal Science
with honors!  People ask me if I learned how to make 'all this stuff' with my degree and although I learned how not to
kill anyone with essential oils, I did not.  How did I learn?  Truthfully product making is something I'm just good at and I am very
interested in finding the best
ingredients that work best.  I love making my product line so much I have to control myself from making
too many new things each week. I like to think of myself as a super sleuth, while others might think of this as a crazy trait.  Either way,
the product line is continually being added to and it will always be an ever-changing thing.
About Me
About Me

I cherish my family SO much and it's for them that I work, laugh, love, protect and pray as hard as I do.  
My family is very important to me!

I have been married to the best guy for over 12 years and we have a son who is9, a daughter who
passed away in January 2003 and a daughter who is 3 years old.  The kids are wonderful and inspiring
to both of us and one of our greatest accomplishments!