Reiki Sessions

When receiving Reiki in session, some describe the feeling as warm or hot, calming and extremely relaxing; while others feel very little
and/or an almost cool sensation. The individual experience varies, but it is beneficial on all levels and the experience fills both client and
practitioner with unconditional love.

As you would take a vitamin every day, Reiki can also be used as a type of preventative medicine - you might opt to have a Reiki session
once or twice a month.  You can also use the power of Reiki to help with a more specific pain or issue, such as to quit smoking, to loose
weight or to help with migraine headaches, to name a few.

Below you will find a list of prices for the session times I offer.  Please be aware that you can purchase sessions securely from this page
by Visa, MasterCard or American Express or you can pay in person by check or money order.
***Classes and sessions can also be purchased as gifts.  A gift certificate cab be sent directly to your recipient if you'd like.***
Reiki Sessions
30 Minute Session

Enjoy a quick, relaxing Reiki Session as a "vitamin" or if you haven't much time.......... $45
1 Hr Session

Enjoy a 1 Hr Reiki Session to help you with physical, mental, spiritual or emotional healing.  Can be used as a way to help you with very
specific needs as well as general issues................. $60
6 Time Reiki Session Package

You already know you need them, so why not save?  This package includes 6 one hour Reiki Sessions for the price of 5!  Save $60 by
paying at one time or split the price in half and pay in installments.  (Credit card always accepted.) ................. $300