My Intention as a Practitioner

As an Aromatherapist or a practitioner of aromatic medicine, it is my intention to offer help you feel better!  

During a Session

If you have already filled out the new client forms,  we will spend time going over your paperwork.  It's important for me to understand
your situation as best I can so I can determine the best way to help you.  If it's something you haven't sought the care of a general
practitioner or specialist for, I may refer you to see your doctor.  It is not my intention to diagnose or claim full healing capabilities.  I will,
however, say that there are many positive benefits of using therapeutic grade essential oils.  

The aromatherapist will ask questions about your medical history; general health and lifestyle. This will help him or her decide which
essential oils are most appropriate for you as an individual.  Another thing the intake form helps determine is the type of application that
will work best for each client.

The aromatherapist may wish to contact your GP, with your permission, to inform him or her that you are receiving aromatherapy
treatment.  This way, if there is anything of major concern, treatment will not be given.

The initial consultation normally lasts for 90 minutes, and this service is free.  Any creating of custom blends will be charged out at their
individual cost.  Subsequent sessions to discuss your situation and/or 'tweak' your blend will be charged out at $20/hour.

Aromatherapy is used for a variety of different issues; mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.  I also provide you with a very basic
massage which includes Reiki and Aromatherapy.  Although I was trained to do some very basic massage during my Aromatherapy
certification, I am not a professional.  However, the benefit of all three modalities at once can be very powerful and beneficial.

Complete Listing of Aromatherapy Related Prices

Initial Aromatherapy Consultation plus Case Study (you receive a printed report) - $50

Follow-up Aromatherapy Consultation - $20/hour

30 Minute Reiki Session - $45

1 Hour Reiki Session - $60

1 1/2 Hour Reiki Session - $85

BUY 5 Reiki Sessions at once and get the 6th one FREE! - $300