A sister branch of Gentle Illumination, Illumination
Design is a simple graphic design company with a focus
on helping the 'average Jill or Joe' connect their
business to the world.  It's important to me to help
businesses by offering ways to gain an affordable, more
professional look than they would otherwise have the
chance to.  

Although I have no formal training in graphic design, I
seem to have an eye for color, design and I am able to
use these and my computer skills to create pleasing
campaigns both in print and online.

Now more than ever before potential clients are looking
on the World Wide Web to find their products and/or
services.  People expect to find someone they can trust.
The businesses with logical, well planned, visually
pleasing style will reap the benefit greatest.  Potential
clients are willing to spend money for their needs and I
would like them to spend that money with you.

Illumination Design unofficially began in 2001 when I
made my very first website for my own business.  I will
admit there was nothing fancy about it and I actually
used a template!  With the realization that by using a
template, I and approximately 10,000 other people
might have the same site, the seeds of Illumination
Design began.

I love helping businesses show their very own stamp or
footprint to the world.  There's nothing nicer to me than
hearing the happiness and relief in my clients voice
when they see their message is clear and the design fits
their style.

You can't find that in a template.
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