An old murder, a new case, betrayal, travel, laughter, loyalty, and… sex.  Can they find her fathers
killer and keep her out of harms way?  Will Anna and Eric realize theirs is a once-in-a-lifetime
So, the bad news is the two main characters in this ancient story aren’t ‘in the know’.  The good
news is that a couple of Greek gods get the proverbial ball rolling and the meddling townspeople
keep it going until the unwilling love birds straighten up and fly right!
Sonya is a smart woman on a mission to get her career started by moving to the Windy City and
nothing is going to stop her...well, that is nothing except a broken down car and a crusty, old
mechanic with a soft heart.
Thanos is just doing his civic duty when a damsel  in distress shows up practically on his doorstep
and he offers her a place to stay.  Right?
Sure, sure they fall in love, but will they get over their past mistakes and realize they’re meant to be
together before it’s too late?
Boy Scout or Rebel Without a Cause?
Loner, Eric Redsholm is NOT happy about his new 24/7 babysitting assignment!  How is he going
to move up in the ranks at I.S.I.S. if they keep giving him stupid assignments?  Sure, sure, Anna is
more desirable than sin on a stick, but that doesn't mean he wants to be stuck with her indefinitely.  
Or does it?
Twists and Turns…
Their past together was ancient history - Greek  history of the mythological variety...
Damsel in Distress or Annie Get Your Gun?
Someone is trying to kidnap Anna Mertz and though she doesn't believe it, her father has already
been killed.  Now her overbearing Godfather has assigned a man from the International Society of
Intelligence and Security to guard her.  Anna couldn't be more disgusted; she doesn't need
protecting, for heavens sake!  It makes no difference that her new bodyguard was the sexiest man
in America and at least five other countries.
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