Second Wind Publishing - My very own books are published by this new LLC in the scene.  Owned and operated by
Mike Simpson.  SWP currently publishes books in the following genres:  Romance, Crime, Mystery, Paranormal Romance,
Action, Adventure and Mainstream Fiction.  All the authors (and more) listed below can be found on this website.
Janette Rochelle Lewie - Romance, Paranormal Romance
Dellani Oaks - Romance
Brad Stratton - Crime & Mystery
Suzette Vaughn - Romance, Paranormal Romance
Col. Goerge Wright - Mainstream
Sherilyn Winrose - Romance
Below you will find some of the fine authors names, links and genre's published by SWP.  Follow the links to either
their own website or visit them on the publishers website!
Laz Barnhill - Romance, Crime & Mystery
Norm Brown - Crime & Mystery
Claire Collins - Romance
J.J Dare - Crime & Mystery
Christine Husom - Crime & Mystery
Margay Leah Justice - Paranormal Romance
Crimson M. Kildare - Paranormal Romance