What to say, what to say? The quote above is real. I wasn't happy, so I changed. Besides
still being a mom of two, a woman and a generally cup-half-full kind of gal, I used to be a
completely different person than I am now. Here is a partial list of things I was and what has

- I was married to the father of my kids for 18 years until our separation and divorce in 2012
and 2013. I'm remarried to a great fella and we have 4 pets together.

- At my heaviest, I was 310 lbs. I fluctuate around 180 now.

- I had Sleep Apnea. I no longer have Sleep Apnea.

- I had High Blood Pressure. I no longer have High Blood Pressure.

- I had Type 2 Diabetes. I no longer have Type 2 Diabetes.

- I lost
our 2nd child, who was suddenly born at 23 weeks. She lived for one week.

- I was in
the retail industry for a large corporation for about 6 years. (Housewares Sales
Associate, Clothing Specialist for Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein Home Specialist, Gift Registry

- I was a Credit Card Services Supervisor on Duty for a major corporation for 5 years.

- Since 2009, I have worked exclusively for myself as a ton of things that help people think,
feel and look better. Helping others live their best life is a true passion of mine!!!
I created and  produce a personal care product line and food line of simple items such as
tinctures, spice blends, ghee, elixers, and mixes.
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